South Africa's Personal Loans & Finance Portal

Our aim in creating this Finance Portal is to bring together all the financial product offerings from all the major providers in South Africa. Our aim is to create a central hub where you can explore and compare your personal finance options from one place.

Our main focus is on Personal Loans but in the coming months we will also include further information on other types of loans and insurance:

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* You do NOT need to own a home
* Loans range from R500 - R150,000
* Flexible repayment periods over 1 Month to 60 Months

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Top Tips for your Financial Health

Here we've compiled some general advice on dealing with your personal finances:

1. Always be meticulous about comparing interest rates. Be sure to obtain the latest rate information from all the related providers in order to obtain the best value deal.

2. Remember that your credit history will be investigated when you are applying for a new loan\credit. Any negative information with regards to your ability to repay debt can have a direct effect on this application. You can obtain your personal credit report from Credit Bureaus to review the information held about you. This will normally entail paying a small fee.

3. Be a responsible borrower. Do not borrow more money than you can afford to sensibly repay over the allocated period of time. Before committing to any form of credit be realistic about how much you can afford to repay every month. Remember to factor in all of your vital monthly expenditures such as Rent, Food and general living expenses. Once you have done this you can see how much you would have left to repay any loans you have undertaken.

4. Seriously consider taking out insurance protection on any loan or credit that you obtain. If you for any unexpected reason are unable to afford repayments (such as becoming ill or unemployed) you will have protection from losing all of your assets. Always check the details of such a protection policy and ensure it is right for your specific needs.